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Looking for "That Glow"? Orange Blush has got you Covered!

I am really excited to come to you all with a post that I’ve been eager to create since starting this blog!  This post is going to have swatches and descriptions of a few of my favorite blushes, they all happen to be orange!  LOL  Orange blushes, particularly for women of color can be a “game changer” in makeup.  Do you want to look refreshed?  Orange blush can do that.  Do you want to look dewy?  Orange blush can do that.  Do you want to look like you have a luminescent glow coming from within?  Orange blush can do that too!  Take a seat with your favorite tea and let’s take a look see.

Up first is a Rock & Republic contrived pressed blush named ‘Immoral’. This blush is a definite matte orange with absolutely no shimmer which I love!  The powder is very smooth and easy to pick up with when my EcoTools blush brush glides over it.  Many people say that a little goes a long way which is true in this case, but in my case I normally have to pack on the color because I want you to see the color.  Of course you can go lightly and still maintain that healthy glow but I prefer more oomph with my blush.  In my opinion this matte blush gives you that clean and never overdone look when applied correctly.  The packaging is very luxurious embossed with the Rock & Republic logo that the company is known for.  I no longer have the case that it comes with but that was pretty dope as well, it fit snug in the space provided for the compact.  This blush also comes with a mirror which can come in handy when you’re on the go.  This blush lasts for while too, I can remember wearing this blush from 8 AM and still seeing it at 6 PM, the color wasn’t as strong at 6PM but the color was still apparent.   These blushes usually will set you back $40 at retail but you can find this blush for 50% less than retail when it goes on sale on Hautelook.  Not a member?  Click here.

Next we have the women of color cult classic ‘Taj Mahal’ by NARS.  Forget about what people have told you about Orgasm, this right here is thee ticket!  Typically I don’t go for a blush with a lot of shimmer but this happens to be one of the few exceptions.  It’s orange but with a incandescent feel to it.  I guess you can call it shimmer but I call it euphoric, it isn’t chunky in the least bit and applies smoothly across the skin.  What I also like about this blush is the fact that you can also use it as an eye shadow if your heart desires.  Heck, you could even use it as a highlighter to go over a matte blush, see the possibilities?  The packaging is sleek and has a velvet texture to it minus the velvet!   That sneaky Francois Nars!  It’s thin which makes it easy to carry in your makeup bag and also comes with a mirror for convenience on the go.  If you are looking for longevity NARS is known for its staying power and heavy pigmentation.  Do yourself a favor and go and cop this ladies, you can thank me later.  A bit pricey at $27, it is well worth it, might I also mention that it is only available online via,, and

One of my favorites to use as a base before applying orange blush or on the days when I go makeup free I apply NYX ‘Orange’ cream blush.  I prefer using this as a base because alone it doesn’t seem to last as long, maybe getting a solid three hours of wear alone.  It has a creamy consistency that can melt when you leave it in your car for a certain amount of time during the summertime which makes for easy application when rushing.  I normally use my fingers, a fan brush, or a synthetic stippling brush to apply this blush.  What I have noticed about this product is that you can also use it as a lip color, I am not sure if it is recommend by NYX Cosmetics but I’m still alive, another reason why you should get this color, it’s like a multitasking tool.  J  The packaging is just okay but I’m definitely cool with it since it resembles the blush packaging of MAC blushes.  It doesn’t make it any better or any worse because of that similarity.  I purchased mine from Cherry Culture for around $6 but usually the NYX sales or website promotions can bring it down to $4 a pop. 

Based on the recommendation by Krissy of Addicted to All Things Pretty I went out and looked for ‘Excite’ by Illamasqua.  Since I already knew of the greatness of Illamasqua blushes I was not hesitant in purchasing another one.  Ever since I got this one I have been wearing it every day that I’ve gone out.  I would say it’s more of a matte coral shade but since coral is a shade of orange then we’re all right.  LOL  If you are looking for that sweet-girl-next-door type of look I would definitely recommend getting this because it is light without being ashy to the skin.  You could pump it up if you like for those nights on the town or when you’re trying to make a statement.  The packaging comes in a square shape, something that you may or may not be used to and it is kind of bulky but for the color I’m willing to make that small sacrifice and plus you get a lot of product with the size.  The powder is soft, actually it’s REALLY SOFT which makes me extra careful when handling it because I’m afraid if it shatters my heart will break too. L  At $24 a piece, consider this a bargain especially since you get so much product, I think you should get this one too. J You can purchase this from Sephora or the Illamasqua website.

And last but not least is Milani baked powder blush in ‘Corallina’.  Consider this a blush for the girl or guy who really likes shimmer because this is pretty much a glitter fest.  And because of this application can be a bit tricky especially for those of us who fall on the darker end of the skin spectrum.  I prefer using this as a highlight but if I’m ever in a bind I’ll use it for full on color, not because I love the look but because there is no other option, lol.  As a highlighter this blush is gorgeous, as a cheek color, mmmmmm, not so much.  For starters it is very gritty when swatching AND when applying.  The color is light and can’t really build up, let’s say it’s more of a muted coral/glittery shade.  The more you apply the more glitter comes along with it.  I do think that this would be awesome on nights out on the town though because it is so glittery.  The packaging is well, lackluster and leaves more to be desired.  It does come with a mirror and a blush brush with scratchy hairs and the mirror is on the bottom of the casing.  At times it can be difficult to open for whatever reason.  I’m a bit on the fence about recommending this product because it really is all about preference and what you’ll use it for.  The price is about $7 and can be found online or at your local drugstore. 
As you can see there definitely some blushes that I prefer over others but I love them all the same because they all have their uses for different occasions.  That’s the joy of makeup and I love that!  I hope you all were able to get a few pointers on what to look for the next time you go shopping for blush. J
Welp, ladies, which is your favorite orange blush and which one are you running out to get after reading this post?


  1. I JUST discovered how gorgeous orange blushes look on me a few months ago. That NYX cream blush is pretty much my best friend nowadays. And I've been eyeing Taj Mahal for a few years now...I might just cave in and buy it sometime soon.

  2. so nice this orange, we love blush :)
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  3. @Monica Williams, yes, go and get that taj mahal, you won't regret it!

    @Krissy, right! it is one of my faves!

  4. Love this post. I recently became obsessed with orange blush. I finally found one without shimmer: Cargo Key Largo. I love it!!!!

  5. @DeeDee,ooooo, I've been eyeing Key Largo and I was THIS close to purchasing it but didn'

  6. OMG I'm kicking myself for not getting Immortal from the 50 million Rock & Republic sales that Hautelook had last year. I have the pink one (too lazy to go upstairs and look at the and I just adore the finish and how long lasting it is.

  7. *mouth drops* omg I need Immoral!! MUFE#18 is pretty much my Immoral these days lol. I've turned so many of my friends onto orange blush. Idk why they never thought to use it! Oh, NYX has a mosaic powder called Love that I use too, it's more subtle.

  8. Orange blush is fab on black skin. Really good for a nice pop of colour. My fave is Taj Mahal - best orange ever! Cool blog btw x


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