Sunday, July 28, 2013

CoverGirl Queen 3-in-1 Foundation Review

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It's been a while and I thank you all for your continued support of my blog.  I want to let you know that I appreciate it and look forward to providing you all with content that is useful to you.  :)

Today I come with a review on a monthly favorite that was last seen on this post.  Since then I have been using this foundation for all of my looks because it really is that good.  Normally I would provide a picture of my bottle of foundation but since my bottle looks a mess I'd rather spare you and instead insert a stock picture so you know what to look for the next time you're in your favorite drugstore or mass supermarket chain.

Let's begin with the coverage of this foundation, this is a medium to full coverage foundation but can easily be considered in the full coverage arena because of the thickness of this product.  I'd recommend steering away from this product if you're more on the "less is more" spectrum of makeup wearers because I'd consider this  a foundation for those of us that are more interested in the flawless, "beat face" categories.  It can be mixed with your daily moisturizer to be a tinted moisturizer but then it'd limit the full capacity of such a great foundation.

What I like about this foundation the most is its ability to provide your face with an even canvas without looking overdone, it just looks like you were born with great skin.  A lot of times full coverage foundations can make us look "cakey" with little product, not the case with this, it offers a beautiful finish and because it is a part of the Queen line it comes in several brown girl friendly shades that range from light skin to dark almond skin tones.  For your reference my shade is in rich mink.

There is no discernible scent to this product and that is much appreciated because I am not a fan of scented foundations because those always seem to irritate my skin.  I also appreciate the fact that this comes with a pump for easy usage and a clear glass bottle so that you are able to see how much product is left over time.

It's been a while since I last finished a bottle of foundation and that's because I always felt the need to switch things up for different occasions but for this I was able to switch this product for work, a late dinner, and for glamorous events.  It's definitely multifaceted in that it can be built up or can be muted and I really like that!  I would definitely recommend this to everyone because it certainly is worth it since it is reasonably priced and easy to locate.  As an oily skin consumer this is also the cream of the crop because this foundation was able to keep my face matte for the majority of the day and leaving me semi-matte in the later hours so if you're looking for a foundation that won't grease you up, this is it.

Have you tried this product yet?  Did you like it?  Tell me in the comments.

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