The Girl Behind the Blog

A 24 year old woman with a heart of gold that happens to love getting dolled up.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Political Science and I'm currently pursuing a Master's degree in Psychology.  Some would describe me as a motivated individual and an effective communicator.
I created this blog to interact with others around the world about a topic that I adore.  From the 17 year old who doesn't know a thing about makeup to the 55 year old who is trying to add a little more pep in her step, I hope that this blog will assist you in doing that.
I have a creative spirit that is manifested not only through makeup but in arts and crafts, reading, writing, and interior decorating.  I am very much a fan of the "lifestyle trendsetters" and with this you better believe that I am a huge fan of HGTV, TLC and The Cooking Channel.  Otherwise, you will find me working on my next term paper or reading academic literature.
I'm what you can call a renaissance woman with the dreams to explore boundaries and experience all things beautiful.

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The Cosmetic Diet Blog was designed with the fun, flirty, and sassy woman in mind. Here you will find product reviews, beauty hauls, and candid conversations we can all enjoy. I look forward to sharing with you what I enjoy about being a young and vibrant woman in the city!