Monday, December 23, 2013

The Beauty Blender Just May Be the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread


If you've been living underneath a rock for the past two years then you probably have no clue what a Beauty Blender is, if you haven't then I'm sure you already know what it is I'm about to present to you.  I've always understood the Beauty Blender to be a rounded cone shaped sponge that one could use to apply foundation either wet or dry, nothing special, right?  Wrong!  I tried it and fell in love instantly because of its ability to blend seamlessly into my skin, leaving me looking flawless!

The Beauty Blender on the left is dry and is smaller and has been used to apply my foundation, when the Beauty Blender is wet the sponge expands like the one seen on the right.  When I apply my foundation I like to mist my sponge so that the foundation can spread easier leaving me to use less so that I'm not caked up, although there are days when I leave it dry because there are days when I don't mind being caked up. :) 

This picture shows the bottom of the sponge, this is the side I like to use to apply my foundation, it covers a decent amount of my face at a time and feels smooth, I've heard that the knockoffs feel hard during application, not the case with the original.  

This side shows the rounded tip, the side I use to blend in my concealer underneath my eyes, it gets in there easily and I don't have a problem with it getting into the crevices of my undereye area.  

Here I wanted to show you all how pliable it is, the material does not feel like it will tear but I'll be sure to keep you updated on whether it does but I doubt that it will unless I let my nails grow out, lol.  If you are new to makeup I would totally recommend this product as it makes applying foundation that much easier, as long as you pat the Beauty Blender gently your makeup will come out looking polished, perfect for achieving that blended canvas.  I purchased a double pack from Amazon for a decent price of $21.99 but I'm told that it's more expensive if you get it from Sephora.  There are three color options to choose from, pink, black, and white. 

It's a great product and ever since I've been using it my makeup looks much more refined, like I did more than I actually did, just apply your foundation, concealer, and BLEND FOR YOUR LIFE! 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Maybelline Does It Again! Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Color Swatches

Hey Y'all!

Recently Maybelline surprised us with another addition to their amazing lip color line, the Color Elixir Lip Colors.  When I first saw these in store I did not know what to expect from them being that the case looked like it housed a lipstick instead of a lip gloss, I passed.  After weeks of seeing a particular color pop up on the blogosphere I decided to mosey on down to the nearest drugstore and get it for myself, problem was, I couldn't find it, yup, purples are always the hardest to find.  Long story short, I eventually stumbled across it yesterday and decided to pick it up along with another color.  Here's what I picked up!

Left to Right: Fuchsia Flourish & Vision in Violet

Top: Vision in Violet Bottom: Fuchsia Flourish (FLASH)

No Flash

Indoor Lighting
These colors went on very smoothly and reminded me of a luxury brand consistency, well done Maybelline!  There is a scent that reminds me of cherry bubblegum but isn't noticeable once applied to the lips.  The gloss wand is a doe foot applicator and allows for smooth application.  The price is $7.49 at your local drugstore which is a decent price for the quality.  I can't wait to wear these!  Have you tried them yet?  Tell me in the comments!

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