Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cherry Red got that fye, fye...


I hope I didn't lose you all with my Florida lingo, LOL,  fye is like saying, "That's hot!" or "That's fire!"

Now that your lesson on Florida slang is over let's get to this week's nail color.  This week I decided to mix it up a bit by combining two products I've been obsessed with, you may already know what it is if you're a frequent reader of the blog.  That's right!  Sally Hansen color effects in Prep's Cool and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail polish in Cherry Red, let these colors speak for themselves....

POW!  Now that's a red color if you were ever looking for one, I could definitely say that this is my signature nail color, yup, I've been rocking this since high school, freshmen year!  ; )  Thank my mom for introducing me to such a color. 

Up next we have this print from Sally, I really didn't want to overdo the plaid print and use them all for my nails so I broke it up with the red polish.  I hope you enjoyed!

Do you like?? 


  1. Very cute........I love the combination of the red and plaid!

  2. I love the red. I have think more about that print.


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