Thursday, February 16, 2012

e.l.f. Studio Line Blushes Swatches & Opinions


I'm pretty sure that you have heard of these preciously packaged e.l.f. studio line blushes, I always wanted to try them out but was never sure as to what colors I should get, but for some reason on that day with no rhyme or reason I picked up three, no problem, lol.  I picked mine up at my local Target (does anyone else love that store just as much as I do?) for $3, great price, right?  Right!

The colors I picked up were Pink Passion, Fushia Fusion, and Mellow Mauve, take a look see,

At first glance don't these remind you of NARS blush cases?  Sure, the mirror isn't the same nor the pigmentation, or the suede packaging but from a distance with your head tilted to the side, it does look quite similar.

While I was very excited to pick these babies up after reading and hearing about how nice these blushes are when applied them I was quite disappointed at the results that I got.  I'm an NC50 in MAC foundations for reference and these blushes did not make the cut for me.  I was so sad too, the colors looked really nice in the pan too.  The powder is so smooth and so not gritty for the blushes with glitter in them, a shock to me.  When I used a brush the powder packed on nicely and was able to be applied evenly, SCORE!  However, the ash was a problem, a HUGE problem.

Here's the product in the pan:

Pink Passion

Fushia Fusion

Mellow Mauve
So pretty, too bad it lacks pigmentation.  I definitely thought that I would be able to recommend these as dupes for NARS blushes like Desire and Angelika but these did not hold up.  Sure these could work for women with darker skin tones if you use a cream blush and then apply these on top for longevity but who really has the time to add an extra step to your beautification routine?  I don't.  These are workable but not cosmetic diet friendly for those of us with darker skin tones, :D.  I can definitely see those with lighter skin tones using these with ease, let me know how that works for you.

As for me I will be trekking over to Target to return these babies, no regret since I already have a ton of blushes already!  I'm in excess of blushes, if you will, more like I'm overblush, get it, overweight/  Cool....

If you're curious here are swatches:

Top to Bottom: Pink Passion, Fushia Fusion, and Mellow Mauve
What say you?  Will you be trying these out or have you already?  What are your thoughts?


  1. Looks too pink and powdery for me. Cute colours on the right ski tone.

  2. if the price is right, I always make it work for me lol and some of these are definitely steals :))

    1. true, but i don't want to have to "work" with my each its own..


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