Thursday, December 22, 2011

Are You Red-y for Trouble?


Anyone that knows me well enough  knows that I always have my nails painted, reason being--I detest chipped nail polish, lol.  I change nail polish color every week to prevent the horror of looking down at my hands only to notice that the color has chipped.  This week I wanted to try something different, since I didn't want to stray too far from what I usually go with I decided to try out the Sally Hansen Salon Effects line of  "nail polish".  Since they were 75% off at CVS this week I decided to take it for a whirl and at $2.49 a pop how could I resist?

Take a look see at the product:

 Not bad, huh?  The product holds 16 nail strips, a nail file and a nail buffer that is divided on a miniature file, a cuticle pusher, and a set of instructions.

When I first opened the product I noticed a strong smell of well, nail polish, lol, I guess I was expecting it to not have scent considering that it isn't liquid--definitely not a problem.  I liked how it was packaged, well done, Sally.  Up next is a picture of my bare nails, the product advises that your nails are dry and free of oil.  Check!

I began applying the strips to my nails effortlessly until I had to switch hands.  Don't you just hate that?!  LOL  Anywho, upon applying it on my ring finger I noticed that I had put the wrong size strip, meaning the strip that I chose for my ring finger was actually supposed to be for my middle finger, boo to me!  Since I had already begun to rub the product onto my nail taking it off proved to be a task since I couldn't simply peel it off.  I would say that this is a good problem, this means that it won't easily come off, especially since it claims to last up to 10 days.  On to what I did to resolve the issue:

As you can see I tried peeling the strip off myself but that didn't work, then I tried using the cuticle stick that comes with product, NADA, so I had to resort to acetone.

Here's my poor little ring finger....but have no fear acetone is near!  You can purchase pure acetone from Sally's, that's where I normally get my bottle.  :)  Since this is pure acetone it has a tendency to make your hands dry which isn't necessarily a bad thing when using this product, just wash your hands before and dry them with a towel.  ;)   I went on to use a q-tip 1) because it is small enough so that I wouldn't ruin the polish on my left hand and 2) it fits into the hole of the bottle.  It was difficult to come off but again, this is a good problem.

Problem solved!  Now onto the end result.

Pretty, right?  I know!  The color is described as a red but I would probably lean towards a strong orange color.  The picture above is true to color and is beautiful when outside.  Since this is the first day I've had these on I can't speak for the staying power, I'll let you all know in 10 days, lol. I really like the color, not that original but hey still pretty.

So what do you think, ladies?  Nay or Yay?


  1. They seem good!

    I saw your latest post about them; well they chipped a bit but I've seen worse so I think I'm giving these a try.


  2. thanks for reading! Let me know how it works for you! =)


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