Thursday, July 19, 2012

CARGO Eyeshadow for the Neutral Lover in You


I recently went on a business trip and  in  the midst of shopping  my  stash I stumbled upon a couple of duo eyeshadow compacts  that I never wore so I decided to try them out and bring them with me on my 2 week trip.  Before this trip I had only used CARGO blushes and with those I have been extremely satisfied  so I was a bit excited to see how these eyeshadows would fare.  These particular eyeshadow duos do not have a name but instead go by  a number system, I'm not sure if this is the norm for CARGO shadows being that I purchased these as a bundle on Hautelook several  months back.   The two  that I own are ED-13 and ED-14.

Take a look...

ED-13  &  ED-14

Left: ED-13 Right: ED-14

 ED-13 contains two frost colors, one being an olive green and the other a hunter green.  The hunter green color was a smooth application while the olive green color was not as smooth but still workable.

ED-14 also contains two frost colors, an old gold color and a bronze shade.  Both of these had a smooth application and can be built up for more intensity.

All in all these were the best eyeshadows that  I could've brought with me on a business trip as these are neutral and don't require a lot fuss when applying, and if you want you can even use each as an all over lid color and be out the door.  :)

So what do you think about these?   Have you tried CARGO eyeshadows before?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I hvent actually heard of these but the colours look great :) x


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