Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tell Me How You Feel....Part 6


How many of you either begrudgingly or enthusiastically watch the Basketball Wives reality television show?  *raises hand*  As much as I hate to admit it you can on occasion catch me watching the shocking portrayal of minority women, *weeps* but it isn't the reason why many people are taking note of this portrayal and calling for action to cancel the show and perhaps any follow up series behind it, but instead I'd like to call it "artistic curiousity" is the reason why I chose to tune in.  I must admit that after the most recent episode I just may be calling it quits because of the constant schoolyard bullying demonstrated by a couple of key cast members.  I didn't like seeing it in grade school and I don't like seeing it now.

But back to my "artistic curiousity", every week I catch a rerun of the show to see the makeup of the cast members, vain, I know, but it's the truth.  Although, it isn't as glamorous as the backstage prep of a major fashion show it is what is feeding my satiated creativity levels.  We all can admit that we've taken a glance at a screen shot and mentioned whether someone's concealer was overdone or whether or not this person had too much blush on, the only difference is that we're mentioning this together while in the same room, but we have done this before.

So, what do you do when you look past the makeup of the women and start to actually be engaged in the subject matter of the show?  I must say, not that I was unaware of the petty cat fights and the loose language being fired on the show I was not concerned with the behaviors of the women because it was not my intent to be entertained by this show but rather take note on the makeup application.  This gets me to thinking on the old saying, "pretty is as pretty does".  Do you think a person can still be attractive despite being ready to throw around bottles at the tick of a timewatch or does having a potty mouth automatically make you an ugly person?

I'd like to think that the person's internal goodness is equated with their external appearance but that is in an ideal world and we are not living in an ideal world.  As for me I agree that the two go hand in hand but that is not to say that you can't blurb a few profanities every now and then and automatically be placed in a box of "ugly", I'd prefer that all that "extra" is kept to a minimum, simply because it is annoying and demeaning.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  What do you think?  Tell me in the comments!


  1. I totally agree! I used to watch this show RELIGIOUSLY because I felt that the one or two little altercations they would have were quite entertaining . But now it is a constant thing and its quite annoying! Every single episode one lady MUST badger and bully another! And the sad thing is THESE ARE GROWN ADULTS :|...If this is the only way females can make money today, by simply being nothing else but a bully I would rather be poor.

    I too also notice makeup looks and I must say Evelyn usually is my fave WHEN IT COMES TO MAKEUP because I really love colorful looks. Kenya on the other hand needs some help in the makeup area.

    Great post!!
    xx Sherviii

    1. thanks for sharing your thoughts! :) hopefully others will take heed to the long term effects of what watching these women can do to our young women and chose to set a positive example rather than a negative one. as for the makeup i'd have to say jen is probably my fave minus her colored contacts, oh and shaunie too but she's rarely on the show now! lol

  2. I've long stopped watching this show, any other "reality tv show" and pretty much TV all together...but to answer your question, in everyday life, I don't necessarily thinks it's "fair" to equate outward appearance with behaviors, it's almost like judging. Personally, I have a potty mouth from time to time, but I like to think I at least LOOK like a nice person, LOL! maybe I'm wrong.

    but I do think that person who's always looking for something to argue about or a fight, immediately turns to an ugmo. that's totally unattractive to be so aggressive. men and women alike, but especially women.

    1. i agree, it isn't fair to judge a person solely on their exterior b/c often times it isn't representative of their internal goodness or lack thereof. of course it's find to curse, we are adults but to do it to completely alienate someone or a group of people is offensive and judgmental. i'm of the school of thought that if you want to be treated a certain way then you should display that on your outward appearance. others may disagree but those may be the ones like Tami who get offended when people judge her but in reality how could you not when you're the one ALWAYS being the bully.
      and no, i don't think your ugmo, lol everyone is human and we're entitled to profane language every now and again
      thanks for your input, it's greatly appreciated! :)

  3. Sorry this is going to be long...

    Being a reality tv fan, I must say the last episode was very disgusting to me. A lady that seizes another lady's bag and phone in the name of a fight is just a BULLY in my definition. No matter how the lady dresses or makeup , or even carry expensive designer bags, just bullying another lady isn't good TV. Maybe one drama in the show is ok, but too many drama and this time around it is pure bullying.

    I think Shaunie isn't doing a good job with this show anymore, she just allows bullying and says nothing. Tami needs some serious prayers, whenever she takes a shot or little alcohol, she acts crazy. She did the same thing to Meeka last season. Tami is so insecure with herself, it's crazy for a woman who is 41 yrs of age to be so insecure and jealous of another woman. She shows no class, no growth, just pure ghetto trash on national TV.

    In keeping it real, I still love reality TV as a young adult for entertainment purpose only. But if I had kids or were raising kids, I won't watch the show or even allow it into the home. I think young kids or teenagers don't need to see bullying or drama around them on TV, not healty for even adults too.

    I have a feeling after this season, basketball wives will be over, because this season has been nothing but bullying, fights and crazy fights to the point of Evelyn throwing a bottle on Kenya. OMG! This show is trash, it used to be fun to watch the makeup, fashion and life in Miami. But now, beyond the makeup, fashion and life in Miami, it's nothing but bad TV of mature women acting like BULLIES.

    First time commenting here, just had to share my view!

  4. thanks you for commenting Destiny! in my humble opinion Shaunie is even more at fault because she continues to let this happen in front of her face and says nothing. not only is it hurtful as a human being to watch another person being bullied but with all the social issues associated with bullying today concerning our children and that fact that she has an army of them herself makes me feel that her head is in the clouds to such a pressing issue. and if her children are bullies or being bullied then who do they have an example when their mother is allowing it to air on television?
    Tami needs prayer, i agree, but more than anything she needs to speak with children who are bullied so she can see what it is like when the tables are turned. she has revealed that she has been the victim of sexual abuse but that is not the reason to torment others because of it. ugh, she just needs more than counseling....


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