Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Have you Tried This Yet? Jessica Simpson-Fancy Perfume


So lately I've been reaching for a certain fragrance that exudes warmth and sexiness with a surge of sweet aroma.  That's basically how I would describe Jessica Simpson's Fancy perfume.  Yes, this is the first fragrance that Simpson debuted in 2008 to many a surprise because those of us in the beauty world sure as heck were not expecting it to smell this yummy.   This best way I could describe this smell in words is as such:

Imagine going to a carnival at night with your "honey" and taking in all the scents from the sweet concoctions; cotton candy, caramel apples, funnel cakes, lollipops and mix that in with a mesquite fire burning from those delicious corn on the cobs.  Then take a deep breath to inhale a fresh breath of the brisk air of the night and combine that with the happiness you feel from being in that moment.

Yup, ALLADAT! lol  That's seriously how I feel when wearing this. ;)

Now let's get on to the product.  The size that I have is in 3.4oz. and I am sure that it is available in 1.7oz as well as in a small spritzer bottle in a gift pack that I am not too sure is still available in your local department store.  The top is a beautiful rose gold with ornate designs that is easy to come off and easy to put back on.  
As for the actual bottle it sort of reminds me of a bottle of a certain liquor that shall remain nameless here, lol.

Jessica Simpson-Fancy
The box that it comes in is also a looker.  It's more so a pink and white ombre effect that centers into white with the same ornate designs that can be found on the actual product. 

Jessica Simpson-Fancy
Here are a few mentions that I feel you should know before you start to venture out to purchase your own bottle:

Go out and smell it first!  To some this scent may be too strong and deter you from making that purchase, but I promise give it one spritz and that's all you need, it gets like overkill if your "spray happy".

This is an eau de parfum, so that means the scent is stronger and it lasts longer, so if you're into lighter scents, you may want to back away.

This is definitely a fall scent, however, you can easily make a spring/summer scent with just one spritz.  The objective here is to keep light and not funky.

The bottle is heavy, heavier than I am used to but that means it can also double as a paper weight.  :)

You may get hooked and buy the rest of her fragrances like I did!

Overall, I would recommend this scent one hundred times over to any and everyone!

So what do you think?  Yay or nay? 

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  1. I love wearing this in the Fall/Winter and Fancy Love in the Spring :) Her fragrances are amazing!!


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