Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 2014 Hit List (Favorites)

Hey everyone!

This month I'm back to share my favorites for this past month!  In gathering the products for this post I realized that the packaging is all pink, I swear that was not intentional but it does make for some cute pictures, lol.  These five products aren't necessarily beauty related but more so focused on skincare and smelling nice, so take a gander at what products I enjoyed this past month.

First up we have rosewater which is used primarily as a refresher for my face.  It also can be used in the place of a gentle toner that serves to help even the skintone and provide a nice base to the application of makeup.  I find that ordinary toners at beauty stores break me out but rosewater does not do that and for that I'll continue to use it.  It smells lovely and can also be used as a body splash, in a bath, and as a spritzer on hotter days.  With summer coming up I will definitely be using this more and more.  You can find this at your local health food stores or on Amazon at reasonable prices that range from $5 to $9 a bottle.

Next up is a Bath & Body Works triple moisture cream lotion in Paris Amour.  Normally I don't gravitate to sweeter scents but for whatever reason this has become the exception.  It smells appropriate for the hotter temperatures and is super feminine.  It's sweet without being overpowering and it leaves your skin feeling moisturized.  I just wish these lotions had sunscreen.  These retail for $12.50 but you can always find them on a sale for much less.

Lately I have been in love with this Ed Hardy-Hearts & Daggers perfume, it's another sweet fragrance and pairs nicely with Paris Amour.  I like to combine the two to increase the longevity of the scents.  Alone it lasts all day and the sillage is amazing, I literally still get compliments when I walk past someone at 8pm, long after my day has started. I can't recall how much this costs in stores and I 'm not even sure if it's still available but in the event that you can find it, get you one! :)

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the day is remove my makeup, seriously, it's just something about taking off the hours of the day and relaxing knowing that after your makeup has lasted throughout the day you can finally take it all off, is that weird?  LOL  This Flash Clean makeup remover is a lotion consistency but still light enough to not feel heavy, I simply apply it to my face and use a baby wipe to remove the makeup.  Super easy, super cheap at $5 a bottle which can be found at your local Target, CVS, or Walgreens.

Finally there is this super cute miniature lip butter from Palmer's.  I squealed at the sight of this and immediately purchased because it's so cute and it works!  I use it before applying my lip colors and my lips feel great even with the mattest of matte lipsticks on (I'm talking to you retro matte formula!).  The only thing I don't like about it is that you have to dip your fingers into it for application, that's why I only use it when I'm home and not in public to prevent germs from entering this little container.  It was only $3 from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

So those were my favorites for this past month!  What were you digging for the month of April?  Let me know in the comments section!

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