Monday, March 4, 2013

bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum--Review

Hello Lovers!

I'm back again with an awesome skincare product that I think you will love!  bareMinerals has definitely been buzzing on my radar as of late because I have fallen in love with their skincare line of products.  I had the opportunity to try their moisturizers, this serum, a facial cleanser, and a nighttime face powder....yeah, I know.  Those reviews will come in due time. :)  Here's what bareMinerals says about their product.

Every cell in your body has a "clock gene" that regulates cellular renewal, which in turn affects the appearance of your skin. And it's scientifically proven that cells are most efficient at healing during nighttime sleep.
Our intensive night serum helps restore your skin's ability to reach its ideal renewal state. Powered by our proprietary ActiveSoil Complex–combined with a unique moisture boost technology–this formula maximizes cellular renewal and hydrates skin overnight. The result? Cells that are supercharged to protect you during the day and skin that looks firmer, healthier and younger.


Indeed it did just that!  After about a week of using this serum I noticed clearer skin and my dark spots were diminished.  After about a month you could barely notice my dark spots, now that's a feat in itself as I don't think I've ever had a product that can do that, then again I've never used a product with the  intent to diminish the appearance of my dark spots.  LOL  

To give you an idea of how this product works for me I think it would be informative to let you know that I have oily skin, however, my oily skin does get dry patches when the weather changes to drier more cooler temperatures like we've been experiencing in South Florida lately.  I have been using this product for 3 months now and it has just finished.  It has left my skin feeling fresher, smoother, and a lot clearer.

The consistency is of watered down oil, it is not greasy.  All you need is about a dime sized amount to get full coverage on the face, once it's dry it does feel somewhat tacky on the face but trust, it's nothing that's uncomfortable once you put your moisturizer on afterward. 

It does come with the squeeze top to fill up the baster so that you don't waste any product.  It is clear, does not have a scent, and is just an overall great product.  The price is $50 for a 1oz. bottle from their website and inside their stores.  Would I recommend this product?  Yes!  So, what are you waiting on, go and get yourself a bottle girlfriend!


  1. Can I get a before and after shot?! Pleeeeease (:

  2. sounds like a product i would love to try,great review thanks for sharing

  3. Hello dear. Pls i need to know were i can get this night serum really need it to help my face. Pls.

    1. I totally forgot to add this! Sorry! You can find this at or at your local and Ulta Sephora :)


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