Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Facial Moisturizer--Review


I don't know about you but lately I have been seeing A LOT of pubbing for Shea Moisture, a product company that boasts natural ingredients, great for adults and gentle enough for children and considering that all their products are buy one, get one half off at Target I thought that I'd share a little gem from their African Black Soap line.  Introducing African Black Soap Moisturizer with tamarind and tea tree oil.

If you didn't know tamarind assists in diminishing scars that may develop as a result from acne and it can also aid in diminishing dark spots.  Tea tree oil also serves as an effective treatment to acne.  Now, thank goodness I no longer have an acne problem like I used to in my teenage years but I still do take precautions with my skin so that this problem does not flare up again, because let's be honest, every now and again we get some random bump that we can't get rid of.  I'm just trying to get ahead of that so it NEVER happens, lol. 

I started using this moisturizer back in December, it was included in a set along with their organic black soap, facial exfoliator and a face mask.  I decided to try this first because I'm fond of moisturizers and the benefits that they provide to the skin.  This moisturizer is no different in that my face feels fresh and moisturized right after application.   As you can probably tell from the above pictures this moisturizer is SUPER THICK, not a problem for me though.  What I did have a problem with is the scent, it smells like a horse barn, no, seriously, it does BUT the smell dissipates after a few minutes, I was willing to overlook this scent considering that I've heard many great things about the brand and wanted to see for myself.  That's my only con about the product.

After a month and a half of usage I have noticed that my face is a lot clearer and my dark spots have diminished tremendously, who knew!?  I'm totally here for that.  No, it didn't leave my face an oil slick like I've known other moisturizers to do and it did not burn my eyes, for some reason moisturizers I've tried in the past have irritated my eyes and caused my eyes to water, this one does not.

Would I recommend this product?  I sure would!  Since this was in a set that I purchased I'm guessing that this is a smaller size than one would get if purchased separately, but trust me, 1.7 ounces is enough product to last for a while.  If you're interested in getting yourself a jar check your local Target, CVS, or Walgreens but I'd go for Target since they're having a sale going on right now.

So what do you think?  Will you try this?  Have you tried this?


  1. i always eye this line when i'm in target. maybe i will give this. i have "troubled" skin :-/

  2. i love the bar soaps, but nice and $$$$$

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  4. Nice hun, I shared this on Google plus :) really loving your blog. I haven't seen a lot of reviews on Shea Moistures skin care products, more so the hair care ones. It's a shame they aren't sold in stores here in the UK :/

  5. So good to hear the review. I have been using the bar soap for my acne prone skin and am in LOVE, but really need a moisuturizer to counter. SO good to hear that it is great for clearing up the scars as well. The soap has been a miracle for me. So much more inexpensive, natural, and amazing!


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