Saturday, August 18, 2012

MAC Blue Brown Pigment is the Bizness


I know, I know, it's been awhile but I'm back and I have loads of things I want to bring to your attention from the beauty world.  Don't think because I haven't posted in a minute that I don't keep my ear to these beauty streets! LOL    I hope you all are well as the dog days of summer are upon us and for must of us this means changing up our beauty routine.  I have a few products that I've been  using on a daily lately and  I thought I'd share one of them with you, well, a few with you but that'll be  in the upcoming posts.  :)

On my eyes I have been resorting back to my first love in makeup and that is pigments.   When I first started wearing makeup I was a hoarder of  pigments.  I love pigments still  but I found that I wasn't always willing  to deal with the mess that comes  along with pigments.  Pigments can be messy!  One shaky hand  and your container can fall to the  ground.....JUST.LIKE.THAT!   So be safe out there, you  don't want your white carpet turning  into a mash up of colors! 

This brings me to the beauty I have for you all today from MAC.  This is my favorite pigment and the color  is  aptly named Blue Brown,  I would describe  it as a brown with a blue base....duh!  I love the fact that every time I wear it people are intrigued and delighted at the combo of colors.  Take a look...

Outdoors, in the shade

Outdoors, no shade

See what I mean, I am  a huge fan of duochrome and this is right up my alley!  Can you notice how in each picture it looks like a different color!?  Loves it!  These jars retail for  $21.00 from MAC, but if you're lucky  you can find one from your local CCO cheaper.  These jars will last you TWO lifetimes!  I find that a swipe  of  this across the lid is PERF  for those light  makeup days, it gives alot of  beauty with a little bit of effort.

How are you feeling this color?  Hate it?  Love it?  Tell me in the comments!


  1. i have the l'oreal HIP version of this color and love it too, sooooo pretty :D duochromes always have a place in my life

  2. I have always lovedd this pigment it is beyond gorgeous!

  3. I feel the exact same about pigments too. For some reason, I am lazy with putting on shadows. I don't know why. I need some inspiration...

  4. fab swatches! how do you wear blue brown pigment? fotd, perhaps? ;D

  5. I typically don't wear MAC pigments, especially with blue, but this is pretty hot. Definitely unexpected.

  6. Nice color! I w/ Kia, 'd love to see a fotd ;-)


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