Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tell Me How You Feel....Part 2


Last week I blogged about the hype surrounding limited edition cosmetic products and how quick they are to sell leaving many of us kicking shrouds of dust around us bitter and disappointed at others "I need to have" mentality.  I was actually surprised at how many of you felt about the topic and I'm glad that I am able to share those thoughts with you.  Since it was received so well I've decided to make it a weekly post here at Cosmetic Diet because frankly, I have alot of thoughts when it comes to beauty and I feel that it will benefit us all if we have a platform to discuss these issues, after all, a pretty face doesn't always mean a pretty mind.  So let's get on with today's topic, shall we?

Imagine yourself walking across the street, face done, hair done, nails done, only to have someone misconstrue your desire to be "done up" with the idea that you're trying to snag a man.  Assuming that most of you don't apply makeup or spend hours at the salon for a man's affirmation of your beauty, I think that others who persistently identify your good looks with trying to find a companion are ridiculous.  Granted, as women, we have the tendency to perhaps spritz that perfume that he likes or wear those bangles he complimented you on the last time you wore them because hey, you like to be admired.  But for the most part, you should be doing these things for you not him, her, or they. 

"Why are you always dressed up all nice like that? "  Why the hell not?!  Who doesn't want to wear nice clothes, look presentable with some blush and mascara?  Instead you may be questioned on your motives and not how your confidence level allows you to stand a little straighter, walk alot stronger, and speak a little louder all because you took the extra time out to make sure that your eyeshadow was blended well.  I cannot describe how these types of questions used to irk me back in undergrad from those who would walk around campus with pajamas and slippers.  Excuse me for having the decency to actually give a damn about my appearance.  At first it would bother me because I felt that maybe I should dress down a bit, but that thought process was quickly dwindled when I thought about the woman that I wanted to be.  I am strong believer in "act the part, be the part," if I look like a milliion bucks, well damn it, I am and who's to tell me otherwise.

I know often in the beauty community many of us get these same comments, questions, and side looks from others because we like the process of enhancing our beauty because we know it can be the difference between being greeted at the door by the help or being mistaken for the help.......

So what do you think about this topic?  Tell me in the comments. :)


  1. people say things like simply because they're insecure or jealousy. and jealousy usually stems from insecurities that have never been dealt with. I may get the side eye because I chose to apply a little blush, wear some lipstick, and spritz some perfume. but I'd give the side eye to the person who chooses to leave the house with rollers in her head.

    COMPLETELY understand how you feel! I don't apologize for taking pride in my appearance. I'm a firm believe in, when you look good, you feel good. and really thats, when YOU know you look good, you feel good.


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