Tuesday, May 22, 2012

As Blue as the Clouds?


Clouds aren't blue though, they're white?  Unless I'm missing something.  lol  Anyway this week I had to dig deep for this nail color because honestly I forgot I owned it.  I must have purchased this nail color back when I was in high school and back then I didn't wear nail polish much and when I did it was a light color, like this one.  What i didn't realize then is how gorgeous this color really is!  It is a duochrome color, which I love, the other color being purple under certain lights.  This polish is from NK, a brand that I'm used to seeing at local beauty supply stores in my city.  They're cheap and come in an array of colors. 

NK - Cloud Blue

NK - Cloud Blue
So pretty, right?  I was really surprised that I turned out liking this color as much as I do because you know how it is, you dig something old up and realize why it was hidden for so long, but I'm glad to say that this was not the case with this gem!  The shade is in Cloud Blue and I would say that this is a pretty close representation of the sky rather than the clouds but still pretty nonetheless, lol.

Considering that this color is pretty old I'm not even sure that it's still made but I sure hope it is!

*EDIT:  I've looked all over the internet and can't find it!  :(  Hmmm.....perhaps a dupe for this could be lying somewhere in my collection, I'll make sure to report back with one soon.  :)*

What do you think?  Nice?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Very pretty. i love the duochrome.I need to get some blue polishes. Its the only shade I rarely wear.


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