Monday, May 14, 2012

Don't Get Caught in the Hype!


A few years ago when I first begun getting serious about cosmetics I can recall having this uncontrollable desire to have it all.  When I say all, I mean it, if there was a YouTube video on it, a blog post dedicated to it, an endorsement by it, or even a mention of it in everyday conversation I was already on the prowl to purchasing that specific item.  Little did I know that was the wrong way to go about it.  I figured if this and this person liked it then I would too but in reality it was costly habit and along the way I ended up making some huge mistakes.  When I first gained interest in it all I felt that this was a brand new arena that has oodles of things to try and if I didn't try everything then I was missing out on the next best thing.  WRONG!  In reality, not everything works for everyone and girl, you could NOT tell me otherwise.  Let me tell you a story.....

A few years back there was an up and coming independent cosmetic line that received rave reviews all over the internet from some of my favorite gurus on YouTube.  I took the plunge and purchased a mass ton of items from that company and let me tell you, the items were lackluster and lacked any type of pigmentation!  I was so dissatisfied and angry with myself because I let the hype get to my head and in the end I was short some cash with a whole lot of bad products.  I couldn't return them and rather than make due with it all I had to throw it all away.  I couldn't believe that for a line that had so much acclaim could be this bad. 

Fast forward 9 months and those same YouTube gurus backpeddled on their claims on how wonderful and life changing those products were and then dedicated a video to bashing the company AND the owner.  Crazy, right?  Free products will make people do crazy things for the recognition.  smh  Because of all this and other experiences that followed it has made me one of the most cautious cosmetic purchases ever!  LOL  I will research a product to the ground, ESPECIALLY from independent cosmetic companies.  Not to say that independent cosmetic companies are all terrible because there are a handful that I know of that I can trust and recommend to others but for the many that I know of and have actually tried, I chose to stay away from.

So I say all this to let you know to be aware of what it is you're purchasing.  If you don't like parabens in your products, don't buy an item that has it for the sake of it being in trend, don't agree with a companies' ideology, then it's a no go for you.  Do and buy what works for you instead of going in head first with products you don't care for.  Also, it doesn't hurt to have a friend with you that will be able to tell you the truth about that new lip shade you want to try, when you're at a counter alone, of course the salesperson is going to persuade you into buying that uber pale lip color but when you get home, people will talk about you.....including

Take heed yall!  Any questions?  Leave them in the comment section. :)


  1. I was the same way, but with the "higher end" products. Anything MAC, NARS, urban decay, or the sort, I had to try. I remember when I first heard about wet n' wild products, I thought, whaaaat! that cheap mess! LOL! then I tried it and liked it! the shadows were great! but now I'm back on my "snobbish" makeup habit, lol! I think that's primarily because I have a MAC pro card now. So prices are just as cheap or even cheaper than some drugstore products...
    but yea, I was the same way...I bought up everything when i first started...and that's why I'm having a blog sale now. LOL!

    1. haha at "snobbish" makeup habit....that about sums it up. lol


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