Thursday, May 24, 2012

Urban Decay's The Fun Palette-Deets


Remember way back when I hauled from Urban Decay's sale section?  I got two eyeshadow palettes, the first one was the Rollergirl palette that I posted here and I finally had the chance to take pics of the other one, The Fun Palette.  For the most part, I found both of these palettes at a bargain price and knowing Urban Decay's reputation for a bangin' eyeshadow I gave in.  This particular palette comes with six glorious eyeshadows, a 24/7 eyeliner, and a small urban decay primer potion.  Oh, and per Urban Decay's consistency, you may or may not have these same eyeshadows in another Urban Decay palette already, but who's complaining?  ;)

Check the beauty out!

I love how Urban Decay has their palettes set up in a book binding case, it's the geek in me!  I really hope they don't stop doing this, considering they have a new eyeshadow formulation now and all. 

There are six eyeshadows in this palette, (in order that they appear in the palette & in pictures) Woodstock, Baked, Uzi, Sin, Flipside, and Psychedelic Sister.

Woodstock Eyeshadow

Baked Eyeshadow

Uzi Eyeshadow

Sin Eyeshadow

Flipside Eyeshadow

Psychedelic Sister Eyeshadow
The application is smooth on all the eyeshadows and I must admit extremely pigmented, so if you're a fan of sheer eyeshadow this palette is NOT for you!  My favorite out of the bunch is Baked and my least favorite is Uzi, talk about a glittery mess!  Uzi is such a difficult shade to manuever because it contains so much glitter, so beware, fallout is going to be a pain with this one.

Woodstock, Baked, Uzi

Sin, Flipside, Psychedelic Sister

Finally, here's Oil Slick, the 24/7 eyeliner pencil:

Oil Slick Eyeliner Pencil

Oil Slick is pretty much a black glitter pencil, goes on smooth. 

Would I recommend this?  I sure would!  So what are you waiting on?!  Get on the hunt!  Do you have this palette already?  Tell me in the comments! 


  1. Waw I love all these e/s ! thanks for sharing :)

  2. this is a really pretty mix of shadows.

  3. Awesome palette. Woodstock is really pretty.

  4. such pretty colors, love the glitter too


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