Thursday, January 12, 2012

Petra Can’t Get Any Better Than This!

Get it?  No?  Hey, well, I’m laughing. LOL 

Today I come to you with a new nail color, Zoya-Petra, now this one is definitely a fall color for those days when you want the color wrapped around your coffee mug to really make a fashion statement.  When I first looked at the color in the bottle I figured that it would be a grey colored finish but to my surprise it turned out to be a mixture of colors.  On the nails it looks more like a bluish-grayish color and add a little bit of purple when the sun or a camera flash hits it.  I love colors like this because it adds dimension, perhaps making stubble fingers look longer and leaner.  

With Camera Flash

Natural Light

Petra is from Zoya’s Smoke Collection from fall 2011, so I’m pretty sure that you can still purchase this at your favorite nail polish retailer.  I was gifted Petra from a blogger friend of mine that shall remain unnamed for fear that yall go and ask for your own Petra!  LOL  

It took me two coats to achieve this cream finish and I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome.  I used China Glaze Top Coat for the glossy finish.  

What do you think about this gorgeous fall color, ladies?  Yay or Nay?

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