Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Kid on the Block--Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoo Eyeshadow


By now I'm sure you've heard of these babies and I am no different.  When they first came out I was interested but as they started to pop up on my favorite bloggers sites I became even more interested and got one, then I got two, then that lead me to getting one more.  That's really not how I wanted it to be but when you go to 5 Walgreens, 2 CVS' and a WalMart (not on the same day) because every stand has been ramsacked then it happens. :(

Needless to say I'm happy with the ones I have and I'm still contemplating on whether I should get two more, Audacious Asphalt and Too Cool, if you have those let me know if I should get them in the comments :). 

There's not much to say about these yet because I have yet to use them on my lids, that'll change this week and I'll let you all know how it goes.  I have heard them being compared to MAC's paint pots, we'll see......that's a loud claim that I'm skeptical about. 

Enough of the yapping, here are the goods:

Left to Right: Painted Purple, Tough As Taupe, Bold Gold, Fierce & Tangy
Upon swatching I do notice that these are really creamy, no scents, and are kind of hard to wipe off, I guess that's why they're 24 hours tattoos.  I'm with it! 

Do you see any colors that suit your fancy?  My favorite is Tough as Taupe!  :)

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