Friday, January 20, 2012

Gimme Those Lips Milani!


Thank goodness it's Friday!  I really hope that you ladies enjoyed this week and did all that you could to make it worthwhile.  Now on to the deets of the day.  How many of you love a good lip?  I mean a bangin' lip?  Don't be shy, because I've got five lip colors that you will GAG for honey!  After this post you'll be strolling up and down your local drugstore trying to look for these colors for you, your mama, AND your cousins too!  Shout-outs to OutKast!  There I go, off on a tandem......

The lip colors that I've come to share with you all are from Milani Cosmetics, a cosmetics brand that I have fallen in love with over the past year and a half.  I was first introduced to Milani Cosmetics when I was a freshman in high school using their XL Bronzer in Half Tan as an all over face powder.  Since then I have restocked about three times, it's THAT big.  Hey, go big or go home!

Now these lipsticks are nothing short of amazing, they are all creamy and very pigmented, and for those of you that like a creamy finish, yeah, they've got that too.  And to make things better I would venture to say that out of the five about three of them are dupes for some of your favorite MAC lipsticks. SCORE!

On to the topic at hand:

First off, let us talk about this packaging.  I'm in love, I love gold packaging.  :)  It is sturdy and reminds me of a luxury brand packaging with the Milani imprint and the matte and shiny combination.  Job well done Milani!  On the bottom is a sticker with the name of the color that is also the color of the lipstick.

Look at all that goodness!  But wait, there's more.  Here are the swatches:

Rose Hip is definitely one of my favorites because of its opacity.  One swipe will literally give you the coverage that you need and more than one will give you those pouty and bright lips if you're of that bold nature.  ;)  This color doesn't stain and even if it did, I wouldn't mind.  It lasts about three hours on me before I need to reapply.  I have heard it being compared to MAC's Petals & Peacocks from the Liberty of London collection which is limited edition.  Here are swatches and reviews courtesy of Temptalia.
Milani-Rose Hip
Creamy Cocoa is my least favorite because it is so frosty.  However, I do find that it works beautifully as a layering color for orange lipsticks.  It lasts for up to three hours as well.  From the top of my head I would say that this can compare to MAC's O, though O does seem more bronzey in appearance.
Milani-Creamy Cocoa
Magenta Madness is a lovely color, of course I may be biased as purple is one of my favorite lipstick colors to wear.  This swatch is a very good representation of the color as I feel it picks up the duochhrome aspect to it.  I can pick up a hint of blue which makes well for a great layering effect or just a great bold lip!  This one stains out of all and leaves a raspberry color on your lips as a result.  I would say a great dupe for this is MAC's Violetta, I have to see it for myself though, I guess we all know what post is coming up next.  LOL
Milani Magenta Madness
Mandarina is a gorgeous color!  In case you didn't know orange is always hot for the spring and summer months, so if you're trying to get a jump start on your spring makeup arsenal go on and purchase this color.  This lasts for three hours before it begins to fade.  This color can be a little streaky upon application but to remedy that issue I usually use a towel to blot and then reapply - problem solved.  I would compare this to MAC's Morange and Neon Orange.
And last but certainly not least is Grape-Tini, I purchased this one on error because I thought it was Madly Magenta, when it came in the mail instead of returning it I figured it'd be used like a tinted lip balm.  As you can see the color is very light and more glossy than the others (I had to swipe alot before getting it to this color).  It lasts for about an hour before it fades out, the color isn't too bad but let's keep in mind that I prefer bolder lip colors and I'm not too fond of sheer colors.  If you are of the latter mindset purchase this, it has tiny flecks of gold in it that I think make the color stand out a little more.
For the price and the pigmentation I would definitely recommend these lip colors to the masses!  They typically will run you between $5 and $7 whether you get them from Milani's website, Cherry Culture, or your local drugstore.  I do look forward to purchasing some more in the future because of their performance.  There was a slight synthetic scent when I first got them but I don't smell it anymore. It could be because I've gotten used to the smell or that it has disappeared.  I thought that you all should know that.

So what do you think?  Yay or Nay?  Tell me in the comments!

*All these were purchased by me with my own funds and I am NOT being compensated for this post.*


  1. WOW those are To die for! I really like the orange. I'm not sure off the orange. All the colors are just wonderful. Your right the package is adorable, lol. I guess have to go and get my little hands on these babies...Great swatches and excellent review!

    1. thanks for stopping by! :) you must get at least one color, they're great at such an affordable price. you can always pair the orange with a brown lip liner if your on the fence about it

  2. I have been eyeing these for a minute now. Looking at the swatches, I may just have to pick them up. Great review! I saw you on Love, Destinee's blog. I'm a new follower. I also have a blog. Check it out and subscribe if you can:

    1. thanks for stopping by and following, i appreciate it! i will be sure to check your blog out. i can't wait! :)

  3. you purchased a few of my faves! i have some swatch dupes comparing magenta madness and mandarina to their higher end counterparts:

    Magenta Madness



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