Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tell Me How You Feel....Part 3


It is almost the weekend and once again here is another installment of a discussion post.  This week I want to know how important is it to you that you have good skin.  When I type "good skin" I mean a face with little to no blemishes, little scar marks, dark spots, things of that sort.  I am curious to know because recently I met a woman who said that having good skin was irrelevant to her, all she needs is for her makeup to look good.  *crickets*  Whilst her face is reminiscent of a porous planet in our solar 

Now I know that a part of having a flawless makeup application is having great skin, a smooth enough surface that will enhance your beauty and not diminish it by trying to cover up texture and other underlying face issues.  In my humble opinion I think having great skin is actually better than having all the NARS products that I can fit in my makeup kit because I know at the end of the day it's my face that I have to live with and I am making sure that I preserve it so that I'm looking tight in my 60s! lol 

What I do think is that a lot of woman contribute their confidence to the makeup they have as if having that certain holy grail product saves them from having to actually face the dark circles they see every morning.  I take great pride in taking care of my skin and making sure that I am not too dependent on the crutch of cosmetics.  I can honestly say that I feel just as beautiful walking around the city without makeup as I do with it on, why? because I know that makeup comes off and it is really the person inside that makes you exude beauty, not that limited edition blush.  But alas, that is my sole opinion.  I want to hear yours!

What is more important to you?  Good skin? or Flawless makeup application?  or  Do you think they go together?  Tell me in the comments!  :)


  1. I think they go together. I don't have perfect skin, by any means bc I pick at my face [bad I know. But I am trying to make it look healthier by washing and exfoliating. I have dark scars and I know they won't go away in an instant and they do make me feel self conscious sometimes. I think what you said about the dark circles can be argued somewhat bc, although they most of the time can be prevented, they can be genetic. I agree with you that makeup is there to enhance your face, not change it completely.

  2. "good skin" is up the utmost importance to me. I don't like to wear makeup everyday and I never want to reach the point when I'm so uncomfortable with my skin that I believe I MUST wear makeup on a daily basis.

    I may be on the other side of the spectrum. I don't have very many skin issues, but I still tend to obsess over it, singling out every little blemish or pore making sure that I do what I can to get rid of it.

    so yea...nice skin is super important to me.

  3. my skin and what's underneath my makeup is super important to me because it helps my makeup look it's best. while i give my skin a breather and don't wear makeup everyday, unfortunately these days, i def feel better with makeup, even if it's just mascara and gloss.


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