Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My February 2012 Hit List (Favorites)

This past month I found that I was reaching ALOT for neutrals, typically because I wanted to get some use out of my Urban Decay Naked palette, for the most part it is nice but definitely not a "must have" as so many bloggers will have you believing.  I think you'll be just fine with another palette with less eyeshadows.  Then again, that is is just my opinion....Now for the fun stuff, shall we?

First up we have the Naked palette by Urban Decay, the neutral colors really came in handy on my trip to DC as it was really easy to pick what colors I needed with ease.  The gold/bronzey colors in this palette are super pretty.  I also like the fact that it was really easy to fit in my travel makeup bag!  SCORE!

Next up is Motions Mousse, as an overall brand I really like Motions products and this one in particular is no different.  It keeps my frizziness down and smells wonderful. 

This month I really enjoyed the neutral lip, I've been reaching more for two glosses, MAC Perennial High Style, a peachy-nude color and MAC Liquer, a subdued wine color.  These two go perfect with neutral eyes and a soft blush.

Olive Oil Edge Control is seriously heaven sent!  My edges are uncontrollable but with this product I am able to stay cool without the fear of my edges not laying flat.  It is a clear gel like product but doesn't get hard or flake like other gels.  It smells nice too, as you can tell I am a fan of hair products smelling nice.  : )

NYX Dark Brown long eye pencil is the perfect brown liner, I use mine to first shape my eyebrows before I fill them in.  It applies smoothly and lasts all day.

This past month I really enjoyed playing around with the new Maybelline Eye Studio 24 Hours Tattoo but I fell in love with Bad to the Bronze, it went well with the Naked palette.  It is a pigmented bronze color that delivered a great color payoff that lasted all day. 

And finally, Bath & Body Works body butter in Moonlight Path, had me smelling like a sweet meadow.  Seriously, it is a soft and mild floral scent that lasts all day.  The product is thick, probably thicker than the current body butters currently available since I did get this before they reformulated the body butters.  I'm almost done with mine and I'm afraid that I won't find this scent anymore....BOOOO!

Welp, that's my hit list.  What were some of the items that you enjoyed using this month?  I want to know in the comments.


  1. Do a red lip or a fuschia lip. Those colors are hot this season!

  2. I love it! good to hear about the naked palette bc I was unsure if it was worth it with the hype and all.

    1. worth the hype....bleh, it's def nice to have but not a must have. i'd recommend it though, since it is pretty :)


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