Thursday, July 26, 2012

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #23 Review and Swatches


Have you ever heard of a makeup line that makes sure the consumer is always happy?  With the various products in Make Up For Ever’s arsenal I have yet to be dissatisfied and that is a feat coming from a person that has tried many a product line with some hits and misses.  Make Up For Ever ensures that every product is versatile and suits every skin tone without being dramatic, unless you want to.

*Insert #23 Aqua Cream*

Make Up For Ever #23 aqua creams are awesome because not only are they built to  last for extreme weather conditions such as this sweltering heat on the east coast they are also multi-purpose.  Depending on what colors you purchase these little bundles of joy can be used as a lip color, cheek color, eyeliner, eye shadow or eye shadow base and for those of us daring enough as an all over mask for festivities such as Carnival or parades.
Make Up For Ever continues to dazzle us all with these aqua creams as they have added five more colors to the already vibrant selection of colors that are also permanent to the line.  One of the newest additions happens to be a very feminine and pastel chartreuse color labeled as #23 (some may call it neon), perfect for the summer bright and pastel trends.  Lately I have been using it as an eye shadow base for my nights out and for the daytime I add it to my waterline for a pop of color to a neutral eye look.  
What’s best about these aqua creams is the durability!  Sweat, tears, and maybe even blood, although I hope it never gets that bad will not budge this product, seriously, NOTHING!  Make Up For Ever claims that their aqua creams are waterproof and budgeproof and it lives up to its claim, and well!  The pigmentation is divine and the actual product is soooo smooth, LIKE BUTTAH!  I also own two other colors which have been in my beauty drawers for at least one year and they are still as smooth as the day that I purchased them so if you’re concerned about them drying out, no worries, they can withstand the test of time.

At $23 per jar it can seem pricey but when you think about the versatility of the product your money is well spent because there is always more than one way you can use an aqua cream, it’s really up to you.  Would I recommend this product and this color?  Of course, I do!  It’s perfect for the summer months and can roll into the fall as the pop of color that we always yearn for during the winter months.  So what are you waiting for?  Go to your nearest Sephora and go get you one!  Tell them I sent you!      

*This post contains a product that was sent  by the company's PR.  All  opinions are my own.*


  1. LOVE the aqua creams. I have 4 now and you are correct, they do not budge!

  2. I gotta try this product. Great review doll!

  3. I'm a huge MUFE fan!! Never tried this product before. Great review, I'll have to check it out!

    - Entice

  4. i'm a huge fan of aqua creams! they are still on my favorites list.. nice green color! can't wait to see you rock it in a fotd!

  5. Lovely blog!
    I followed on GFC, follow back ?

  6. I love MUFE. I only have one Aqua Cream, and they are amazing. I am like you I have not been disappointed with anything from the line.

  7. Ooooo, I have YET to try anything other than the primer from MUFE.

    And are they buttery smooth like the MAC Paintpots?

    1. they are even smoother than paint pots! i have two others that i've had for about a year now and they do not dry out!
      thanks for reading the blog! :)

  8. i want some aqua creams sooooo badly! they are gorgeous


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