Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Lip Scrub--Because Everyone Else Is Doing It


As many of my friends know I am a huge Tumblr fan, there is a wealth of do-it-yourself projects that can be found if you follow the right blogs that fit your lifestyle.  I am always checking these blogs out and taking note on what beauty treatments I can do at home that I normally would have to spend the big bucks for in a department store. 

Now let's play catch up first.  Rewind to six months ago when I was ranting and raving about Lush and their lip scrubs, the product is great, however, like any other beauty fiend I grew tired and wanted to try something different.  After trying other company's lip scrubs and going through trial and error and finally realizing what I liked and didn't like in a lip scrub I came to the realization that what I wanted was too expensive!  LOL  I fell in love with fresh lip scrub from Sephora (it's currently not on the website but I would hope that it's still in stores for those of you who would like to try it)  but since it was about $25 a small jar and since I am on a budget I had to refrain from purchasing.

*Insert my Tumblr addiction here*

I came across this DIY "How To" on how to make your own lip scrub, normally I would attach the picture I used as reference but I can't find the specific one that I used in making mine.  Kicks rocks...

Anyway, I took charge and look at what I came up with....

I used honey, brown sugar, and olive oil, no approximate measuring, I just used my trusty eyes.  lol  Of course you then have to mix it up and voila you have an edible and natural lip scrub!  I purchased this little jar from Wal Mart in a two pack casing for $1!  Talk about money saved!  The best thing about this is that it rivals the fresh scrub that I was using.  This has to be the best lip scrub that I've come across and it was made by me! ;)  There's something about making your own stuff! 

Have you tried any DIY lately?  Tell me in the comments!


  1. I love using homemade scrubs, whenever I use it on my lips my lips feel so soft.

  2. I will be using this! I definitely need a GOOD lip scrub.

  3. Genius! I'll be taking a leaf from your book


  4. Yes for the DIY beauty trend! Brown sugar is amazing! Just did a post on a body scrub I think I'll be using it on my lips too.

  5. Love this! :D Interesting to see other versions of this as I've shared one myself here:

    I also think the one I made myself worked reaally well :D xx Take Care!


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