Thursday, January 3, 2013

Black Radiance Haul


I hope everyone spent the holidays in great spirits with friends and family!  :)  Before the new year I had an idea to create posts that were relevant to the holiday season but since I was on vacation and too busy being lazy that didn't happen, but it's okay, I've been enjoying some of the newest additions to my collection and I want to share them with you!

I strolled up to Walgreen's today and I noticed a couple "new" shades in the blush area, now I'm not too sure if these are actually new to the line but I'll roll with the punches here, since the beauty world releases collections a season before the actual season I'll assume that this is a part of the spring collection (?).  This is probably not possible considering how dark these colors are but like I said, roll with the punches here...LOL

Enough of the talk here are the items...I decided to go with a blush and a lip gloss.  The lip gloss is in the shade Sugar Plum and the blush is in Blackberry.

I decided to go with these two colors because they were very necessary for my collection.  Who could resist a dark berry lip and a juxtaposition of dark purple??  Not I.

Black Radiance Artisan Blush in Blackberry

Black Radiance Artisan Blush in Blackberry

Black Radiance Artisan Blush in Blackberry

Left: Swatched, Right: Blended

Moisturizing Lip Stain in Sugar Plum

From what I can tell the lip gloss did not have a distinctive scent for those of you who are sensitive to scented cosmetics.  I have yet to try these products out but once I do I will be sure to report back to you with the deets.  For a lip gloss, it seems pretty opaque, great alone or for layering over your lipsticks.

As for the blush, I'm more inclined to looked at this product as a contouring shade considering how dark it is, I'm going to try to work with it as a blush but I am a bit apprehensive because it is so dark for a blush shade.  It does have some shimmer in it but not enough to make you run for the hills.  I'm excited to try this product and to see how it works out in a FOTD.

These are available at your local drugstores, I purchased mine from Walgreens.

That's it for now!  See you lovelies soon with another post! :)


  1. That blush color is an odd color. Maybe try it as a shadow shade. Have you tried the berry color blush?

  2. i'm not sure which shade you're referring to but i'll be sure to check it out the next time i'm at the drugstore :)

  3. i have the blackberry blush. i can't wait to see you use the items!

  4. I've been eyeing that blush every time I make a visit to my Walmart. I love Black Radiance, but my Walmart doesn't have the lip stains booooo. The color you have is very pretty.I'll check tomorrow ;)


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