Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Illamasqua and that Good Good Tweak


I love a good blush!  There I said it, in case you didn't know I'm a blush hoarder and you can thank Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor.  LOL  When I first started in makeup I never wore blush but after reading a few posts from her blog I was hooked and till this day I go gaga for a well pigmented blush.  One of my favorite brands for blush is Illamasqua, a brand that is based out of London but can also be found inside Sephora here in America.  There are a plethora of products that they are known for but I think their blushes are their bread and butter. 

My first blush from Illamasqua was Tweak, a watermelon pink shade that is beautiful on all shades of skin tones, whether you dust a little or alot is totally up to you but either way it will still come out looking gorgeous!  I've been wearing this particular shade for the past two weeks and with good reason, I was neglecting it back home and decided to take it with me on a trip.  I did not miss any of my other blushes!  That's shocking, especially if you know how many blushes I own, lol.

If you're in the market for a wonderful blush take a look at this:


I really adore the packaging of these blushes because the square packaging doesn't allow it the opportunity to roll over at any given moment when on my counter top.  It can also be a gripe for others because they feel that it is too bulky for the makeup bag.  This is 4.5 grams of goodness that I really don't mind being bulky since it is such a great product.  These blushes retail  for $24 so for those of you on a budget it may not be your best bet but if I were you I'd splurge, just one time, you'll thank yourself later, I promise.


Left: Swatched  Right:Blended
 How do you like?  Do you own this color?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. yum! this looks so good on your skin! glad someone converted you! good job, danielle! i love blush!


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